Why is the MetaMask wallet not connecting to Uniswap?

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If you are using MetaMask, you might already know how popular it is and why a huge population of crypto traders using it. Similarly, Uniswap is one of the highly renowned exchanges that allow you to have full control over your funds. But, have you thought of using the functionalities of these two platforms together? Well, that sounds to be a great idea. And, you will be glad to know that you just need to follow a very easy procedure to connect your MetaMask wallet to the Uniswap exchange.

But, some users may not be able to establish a connection between the two platforms. So, today, in this article, we'll be taking a look at the details of why you may not be able to perform this task and what could be done to get rid of the issue. In addition to that, we'll also be taking a look at the correct process to connect the MetaMask wallet with Uniswap.

Reasons behind the connectivity problem 

  • The first reason behind the issue that I can figure out is the network service issue. So, it would be a better idea to see if there is a problem with the server of the MetaMask wallet or the Uniswap exchange. If there is some server-related problem, you cannot do anything about that but wait for the issue to resolve its end.
  • Apart from that, what we think could be a major reason behind the issue is the browser cache stored on your device and you have not cleared it for a long. Such useless files create a hurdle in the opening of the programs and in their operation.

Try reconnecting the MetaMask wallet to Uniswap 

"Permission request pending, please wait" - Do you see this error message while connecting the MetaMask wallet to Uniswap? If yes, then you should try reconnecting your wallet to this decentralized exchange. Here is how you can do it:

  1. First of all, disconnect the wallet from the website
  2. After this, go back to the decentralized application and select "Connect wallet"
  3. Complete the connectivity steps as you would usually do
  4. Else, try to reinstall the MetaMask wallet software and repeat the process

Meanwhile, if you need some guidance on how to connect MetaMask to Uniswap, you can refer to the specific procedure given below.

Easy steps to connect MetaMask and Uniswap 

Before initiating the process, please make sure that you have already installed the MetaMask wallet and set it up. If you are sure that you have done that, you can follow the steps as explained below:

  1. First of all, navigate to the official Uniswap website or download its app
  2. When you are on its official webpage, select the "Connect Wallet" button given on the top
  3. Now, choose one wallet from the list of compatible wallets
  4. In this case, you need to choose MetaMask
  5. Thereafter, you can enter your login credentials
  6. This ends the process to connect the MetaMask wallet to Uniswap


To sum up the read, we can say that MetaMask and Uniswap have some great features and functionalities. So, using both these platforms together comes with a lot of perks and benefits. So, I hope now you understood what could be the real reason why you were not able to connect the two wallets and what is the apt procedure that one needs to follow for this.

If you ever see the same error in the future, we suggest you disconnect and reconnect the wallet. Doing this will ensure that you are able to use them together.